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University Forms

13-Credit Exemption Request: You will be charged the 13-credit flat tuition rate unless this petition is submitted to your college. Complete this form by the end of the fourth week of the semester.

Academic Policy Petition: Use this form to petition for an exception or other accommodation to college or University academic policies. Additional information may be required by your college.

Application for Undergraduate Degree: Apply for graduation up to one year before you expect to graduate. You must apply no later than the deadline for each term.

Change of College: Use this application to request a change from your current University of Minnesota college or campus to a different undergraduate college or campus at the University.

Class Time Conflict Approval: If you wish to take two courses that overlap, you must have each professor sign this form.

One-Time Drop Withdrawal: Complete this form to use your one-time drop. You must have approval from your athletic academic counselor for the withdrawal to be completed.

Registration Request for Graduate Credit: Use this form if you are a non-degree student who is not actively enrolled in a University degree program and wish to register for graduate courses.

Request an Official Transcript

Student Health Benefit Plan Waiver: To request a waiver from the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan, submit this form to the Office of Student Health Benefits.

Study Abroad Planning Checklist

View/Print an Unofficial Transcript