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Tutoring Testimonials

Tutoring is not ony a great learning experience for our student-athletes, but it also helps many students on campus gain important skills that they can take forward into their careers. The following are short statements from current and past tutors on their work experience at the MAC.

"I worked as a subject tutor at the MAC for a few years while I was a graduate student in the Earth Sciences department. This is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable teaching experiences and develop new techniques to adapt to the student athletes' various learning styles. You set your own availability, so there is flexibility to make it easier to juggle other commitments. Plus, the staff do all they can to help you get any materials you need and are very receptive to suggestions that may make tutor sessions more productive or efficient. It's a great way to make some extra spending money and simultaneously gain useful experience in your field of study!"

-Sara K.

"I enjoy being a mentor tutor because of the effect that one-on-one conversations with students has had on my teaching. Through tutoring, I've gained a great deal of insight into the lives of our students and the challenges they face, in general, not simply as student-athletes. Working closely with student-athletes has also given me a more nuanced understanding of what motivates students to learn, how they make sense of assignments, and how they view my field. I think I've become a better listener and instructor as a result."

-Jennifer J., PhD Candidate, College of Liberal Arts, Department of English and Literature

"Tutoring student-athletes is an extremely rewarding experience. The athletes are generally enthusiastic about improving their writing skills and appreciative of the support and guidance that I offer. I look forward to working with my students and helping them improve their writing skills and become stronger in college academics. This unique opportunity has helped me look at study skills in a new way and introduced me to the world of athletics at the University of Minnesota."

-Elisheva C., PhD Candidate, College of Education and Human Development, Department of OLPD

"The most amazing part of being a mentor tutor is watching students gain confidence in their own academic abilities and discover subject areas they are passionate about. It's just wonderful to be part of the process"

-Elizabeth J.